Joe Rogan Rips Into Guest Who Believes Teenagers Should Be Forced To Give Birth To Their Rapist’s Baby

Joe wasn’t happy.

Joe Rogan had Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon on his podcast the other night, and got a bit aggravated when the topic of abortion came up.

As Dillon argued that abortion is wrong no matter what the context, Rogan used his own 14-year-old daughter as an example, asking Dillon whether he thought a teenager who had been raped should be forced to give birth to her rapist’s baby…

Well, if anything, it’s good to see the topic discussed in a reasonably calm manner rather than the usual shrieking and strawmanning that you see on social media (despite the fact you can tell Rogan is p*ssed off here). It’s clear he’s considered the possibility that this could absolutely happen to his own kid, whereas I feel like the other guy is coming from what he believes is a more religiously righteous POV.

Doesn’t seem that these two are anywhere close to changing each other’s minds but these are the sorts of discussions where others can perhaps listen to positions that they hadn’t considered before. Pretty refreshing to hear Rogan talk like this tbh as I think most people would assume he’d be on the opposite side of the fence on this one. The debate rages on…

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