Here’s David Blaine Regurgitating A Live Frog During Joe Rogan’s Podcast


I said last week that it’s been a long long time since I’ve even heard of David Blaine, but following his decision to announce a new trick where he floats from New Jersey to New York whilst holding balloons last week, it looks like he’s doing everything he can to promote it.

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Of course, this meant that his first stop was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and he decided to perform one of his weird tricks right there and then for Joe and the cameras. This involved him drinking a load of water during the show, then eventually swallowing a frog whole – the water was so that the frog could survive in his stomach – before regurgitating it five minutes later.

Yes, it’s definitely as rank as it sounds. You can see the whole video of the trick below, or the whole video of the podcast itself underneath that:

Ugh that’s so gross, but I suppose it’s pretty typical of the stuff that Blaine used to do back when he was famous and he’s desperate now to get back to where he once was and build the hype for his new trick in a couple of weeks. And I guess he’s doing a good job because I’m probably going to check it out you know. Keep it up Blaine!

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