Joe Rogan Now Under Fire For Calling Meghan Markle A ‘Little American Hussy’ In Old Clip

Oh, the humanity!

If there was ever a way to make sure the general population turns on Joe Rogan, I’m not sure a clip of him making fun of Meghan Markle is gonna do it. Not to mention that while the clip is being presented as Rogan calling Markle a ‘little American hussy’, what he’s really doing is an impression of the Queen saying as much. Like say, a comedian might do? Oh the humanity!

Funnily enough, Meghan and Harry recently expressed their own concerns to Spotify about Joe Rogan’s podcast and ‘the all-too-real consequences of COVID misinformation on its platform’. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, Meghan and Harry have yet to create any content for Spotify after signing their own $30 million deal with the platform, and the service has now had to take matters ‘into its own hands’ and start facilitating productions for the pair. Come on guys, get to work!

For a comment The Rock left lending his support to Joe Rogan in the Neil Young controversy, click HERE.


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