Joe Exotic’s New Legal Team Have Announced Their Arrival With Truly Bizarre Video

This is so ‘Tiger King’.

The Joe Exotic news is nowhere near as prevalent as it was a few weeks ago, but I don’t think that I would have expected that the next article I wrote about him would have been regarding a weird announcement video that his new legal team have just put futon the internet to commemorate their arrival.

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This is of course exactly what has happened though after they literally released a hype video to introduce themselves to the public, kinda like something that you would see when a new wrestler was about to make his debut in the WWE. The team is headed up by Lead Investigator and Executive Manager Eric Love and there’s even a part in this video where he jumps out of a helicopter with a championship wrestling belt in his hand if you want an idea of how ridiculous it is. There’s also a bit where they pop a bunch of wheelies like they’re in a Ruff Ryders video as well.

Sadly, the video is only available on TMZ right now but it’s definitely worth heading over to their website to check it out. Below you can see a couple of videos of the legal team’s main tactic for getting Exotic out of prison right now: driving around on an open top bus with ‘Free Joe Exotic’ and pro Trump rhetoric asking for a pardon on it, whilst simultaneously partying and not following social distancing:

Yep, that fits the narrative sure. These guys are definitely going to be major players if a second series of ‘Tiger King’ is ever commissioned. Not sure if that’s such a good idea given how much of a flop the second series of ‘Making A Murderer’ was and how badly the last ‘extra’ episode of ‘Tiger King’ was as well. Maybe better to just leave it.

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