Joe Exotic Is Planning To Start A New Radio Show From Prison

It was only a matter of time.

Given Joe Exotic’s desperate desire for fame, there was no way that he wasn’t going to attempt to capitalise on the success of ‘Tiger King’ – even if he is currently serving a 22 year jail sentence.

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Reports are coming in that he intends to do this via a new radio show that will be broadcast from inside the prison where he’s currently residing at in Fort Worth, Texas. The news was broken by his husband Dillon Passage, who as speaking to

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This radio station here in the US wants him to have his own radio show from inside the prison.

So we’ll see what happens with that. It’s kind of mind-blowing.

I’ve only been able to speak with him two times in the last two and a half week.

He wishes he could talk more.

He doesn’t really get phone call privileges mainly because he’s still in isolation for the coronavirus stuff.

His test results did come back negative for the virus.

Well I guess it wouldn’t be the first time that something like this happened? I kind of get the feeling that the ‘Tiger King’ hype will have probably blown over and we’ll have moved on to the next viral craze once it actually gets sorted out.

Also gotta kinda question the content given that Joe spent years with his TV show and whatever trying to get famous and it was only when all the underhand dealings at the zoo were exposed that he actually hit the big time. Probably ain’t gonna be able to replicate that on a radio show now are you?

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