Joe Exotic Failed To Receive A Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump And Tiger King Fans Are Furious

He’s never going to recover from this.

One of the dumbest subplots of Donald Trump leaving office has been the idea that he might grant ‘Tiger King’s’ Joe Exotic a Presidential pardon on his way out and yesterday Joe and his team were so convinced of it that they even hired a limousine in preparation to take him home from prison.

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Sadly for Joe though, this didn’t end up happening but it seems like his team was convinced of it right up until the end. Here’s a Twitter thread from CBS news anchor Ken Molestina (unfortunate surname hey?) explaining their movements before the pardons list was released:

Damn. Kinda funny how Molestina went to bed for nine hours because he was so sure the story wasn’t even worth covering as it was so unlikely to actually happen.

Kinda funny how all of Joe Exotic’s team were certain it was going to happen as well – literally what grounds do they have to pardon the guy? There was irrefutable evidence that he hired a hitman to kill someone! I know a lot of the pardons are probably going to be dodgy but I don’t really think anyone can get away with that kinda stuff.

Anyway, it turns out that loads of ‘Tiger King’ fans were actually convinced that Trump was going to do it and were supremely disappointed that he didn’t make the list of 143 pardons, even though rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black were on there. Here’s a couple of the best reactions:

Really perplexing that people actually thought Joe would be released, but then I guess this is Trump and it’s not exactly like he’s stuck to convention for the last four years. The Kodak Black and Lil Wayne thing is funny though.

Anyway see you later Trump you asshole! Thanks for the memories?

For more of the same, check out Joe Exotic’s recent desperate letter to Kim Kardashian. He really is trying everything here.


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