Joe Exotic Actually Had FIVE or SIX Husbands, One Was A Paedophile And Murderer

Surprise surprise.

You know that a documentary has bled into the general zeitgeist of a year when you can’t stop writing content about it for weeks, and it looks like ‘Tiger King’ has succeeded in this respect where many others have failed.

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The latest bit of additional information concerns Joe Exotic’s sex life and the fact that he actually had five or possibly six husbands as opposed to the three that were featured in the documentary (Travis, John and Dillon) and the earlier one that was mentioned that sadly passed away way back when (Bryan). There was 100% another husband though and his name was Jeffrey Charles “JC” Hartpence and he is a murderer and a paedophile, currently serving a life sentence for killing a man named Curtis Shelton back in 2014.

He was also convicted for aggravated indecent liberties with a child under the age of 14.

We kinda already knew about Hartpence though because I already wrote about Moor’s crazy Twitter thread of Joe Exotic revelations. What’s more interesting is that there’s also the possibility that Joe had a sixth husband as well. New York Magazine said the following about this guy, and Robert Moor sort of confirmed this as well:

While dating John, Joe seduced a young man named Paul (who asked me not to reveal his last name). Paul was quiet, withdrawn, a fan of Insane Clown Posse. He (like John and J.C.) doesn’t identify as gay. Joe, John, and Paul all slept in one bed, with Joe in the middle.

Ewww. So gross that Joe did that and also so gross that the guy was a Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan). As if that’s a way to self identify yourself. Not sure if you can really count him as a husband, but there’s definitely some ambiguity over his role in all this, especially as he’s not mentioned at all in the documentary.

Kinda worrying how all four of them slept in one bed though. Can’t imagine they ever got much sleep unless it was one gigantic bed, although I suppose if you’re always whacked out on meth and weed then it’s pretty easy to nod off.

Anyway, that’s one of your crazy pieces of Tiger King additional information today. Check out some more of the other stuff that’s come out right here. There’s a hell of a lot.


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