This Job Posting For The Personal Assistant To A YouTube Influencer Sounds Like The Worst Job Ever

A living hell.

It’s well known that influencers and YouTube celebrities make serious money these days and as stupid as it may sound to your parents or even your friends, it’s a serious job prospect these days if you know how to ratchet up those likes and follows.

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However, what we probably hadn’t taken into account is that behind every great influencer is an even greater personal assistant and judging by this job posting that went viral on Twitter, it sounds like it’s one of the worst jobs out there than anyone could ever hope to have. It basically involves working every single minute of the day and being paid hardly anything and it’s not even a full time position so you don’t even get any benefits or anything like that.

Take a look at the listing below and see what you think:

Geez. Not asking for much there are they hey?

Some highlights include:

‘In this position, you should feel comfortable planning/managing calendar activities, being on property around 8 hours a day, cleaning, cooking…answer your phone/be on call almost 24/7.’ – just a part time gig though.

‘You must keep all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world’ – I suppose this isn’t so bad when you’re literally on call 24/7 that you won’t have a private life, but even so it sounds like you wouldn’t even be able to talk about what you did last night during the role, even if it was something other than sleeping once in a blue moon.

‘You must remain sober yet social and inviting in very high profile environments.’ – yeah, because everyone wants to talk to the PA at these things, right? Should be easy to do that sober.

‘You can not take photos, post to social media, or be/seem driven by fame.’ – This is my all time favourite line. Surely the only appeal to anyone for this job is that they can leach off this influencer themselves and either learn from them or become famous by proxy, but they’re not allowed to do that whatsoever under the terms of the job?

What absolute shithousery, but I suppose he’s exploiting his assistant so much already why not completely crush their dreams as well? Seems like it would be rude not to hey?

Anyway, in case you were wondering the job listing has been taken down so it seems like some schmuck was only too willing to sign up for it. Sad.

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