Joaquin Buckley Nailed One Of The Wildest Knockouts In MMA History Over The Weekend

Holy shit.

It’s not that often that I post videos of MMA knockouts on the site these days as it’s very rare that something comes up that I feel is special enough to share, but this effort from the UFC’s Joaquin Buckley is definitely worthy of the accolade.

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Buckley was fighting Impa Kasanganay on Fight Island over the weekend when Kasangay grabbed a hold of his foot after Buckley tried to kick him. What Buckley did next is absolutely wild:

Holy shit. You see people try and land stuff like that every now and again, but for Buckley to connect like that at full impact and KO his opponent cold really is something else.

People are already calling it KO of the year and some people are even calling it the best knockout of all time. Whilst that may be a bit premature, you can bet that replays of this will be shown for years to come. Buckley should be proud.

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