Even Joan Rivers Wants An iPhone 6 And She’s Dead

The ghost of Joan Rivers just posted this to Facebook.

It’s already been established that the iPhone 6 screens are a piece of shit, but you know that won’t stop the Apple hype whatsoever.

Amazingly, the ghost of Joan Rivers posted this message to her Facebook page this morning, where it was picked up by TMZ before being deleted:

It reads:

This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one). I got this one in 2010 and, after 4 years, my only complaint is that apps are now designed for bigger screens, and the battery is getting tired. Never had a case for it, since it was most beautiful on its own. Great achievement in design. Great product. #apple #iphone #tech.

It looks like one of her people forgot to delete a scheduled post where she was promoting the iPhone 6 release. Regardless, it’s an amazing endorsement for a company to have a famous dead celebrity bigging up their product like this, especially one that was so recently in the news. Just makes people think that EVERYONE wants an iPhone, even dead people.

Wonder if the dead celebrities in these 15 famous last known photos are gonna pick one up too?


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