Joan Cornellà’s Darkness: Combining Comic Book Fun With Black Humour


The twisted king of illustration.

Joan Cornellà has generated a huge worldwide following thanks to his disturbing comic book strips that tell surreal and, at times, bleak stories.

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This Spanish-born artist started making a name for himself during the late 2000s and since 2010 he has provided cartoons for the Spanish magazine El Jueves. Thanks to his juxtaposition of simple, colourful and childlike drawings with the blackest of black humour content, he has become somewhat of a cult classic in the midst of a culture that demands everything to be in good taste. Sometimes we just want to see something delightfully wrong.

As a celebration of this morbid storyteller, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite Cornellà works. Enjoy, you bunch of sickos:

Dark humour at its finest. If that doesn’t float your creepy, sinister boat then you’re in the wrong place.

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