Jimmy Kimmel Laughs As Megan Fox Describes Michael Bay Sexualising Her Aged 15 (VIDEO)

Awkward AF.

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel announced last week that he was taking a break to spend time with his family, which many assumed was due to resurfaced video clips of him in blackface which sparked all sorts of outrage online.

Well Jimmy might want to make his hiatus permanent at this point, because another dodgy clip has surfaced and this time it’s from back in 2009 where he’s laughing and cracking jokes as Megan Fox describes Michael Bay sexualising her aged 15.

Probably not the response she was hoping for:

Yikes. It’s especially surprising considering how “woke” Jimmy Kimmel is nowadays, but then it goes to show we’ve all said and done stupid things in the past and so maybe don’t go digging up people’s mistakes from 10+ years ago unless you want the same thing done to you.

The craziest part isn’t even that he’s laughing through her story, it’s the bit at the end where he basically says “we all have thoughts sexualising underage girls but we keep quiet about it because we’re the good guys.” What’s more the audience lapped it up! The way Megan Fox reacts as well is as though she finally realised “FML, guess this is what all men are like”. Which isn’t the case but the reason Jimmy Kimmel thinks so is because he’s surrounded by creeps and perverts in Hollywood 24/7.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing Jimmy Kimmel back on our screens anytime soon.

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