Jimmy Carr, Michael Jackson And Michael Barrymore Walk Into A Bar…

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr releases a public grovelling apology on Twitter, but is what he’s done really that bad?

Jimmy Carr

Well, isn’t it awkward when a comedian who appears to not give a fvck about anything has to seriously apologise for something on Twitter? For a start it ruins their credibility a little and furthermore depending on what they have done can instantly make the public hate their funny little guts.

Don’t worry Jimmy. There are worse things that could have happened. I mean look at Michael Barrymore for example. Remember when he aquatically buggered that man in the hot tub? It’s old news and look at him now.

What about Michael Jackson? The king of Pedo Pop. He bounced back from that…

There’s always Leslie Grantham aka Dirty Den from Eastenders who killed that cab driver. He even got his character and career ironically resurrected from the dead after that murder!

Honestly though it isn’t the worst crime in the world is it? Some of his jokes are much more morally wrong than a bit of tax avoidance. I mean, if we could all do it we would. Everyone hates the tax man, bless him. Even though Jimmy Carr may be earning a lot more than me or you, he still always has that feeling that he may one day be broke. When you own two houses in North London worth nearly ten million combined, that’s a hell a lot of dosh.

And I’m not even being sarcastic. If you have loads of money (and I’m sure he’s worked for it) you buy expensive things. Higher rates, higher mortgages, higher insurance and much higher tax. In this current world of show business one cannot afford to be careless with their money as it’s easier than you might think to become penniless…celeb or no celeb.

What really annoyed me about this story wasn’t the fact that Carr had done what he did (they’re all at it) but enter David Cameron pointing the finger at Carr branding him “irresponsible.” Why him? What about the his father in law Lord Astor something or other who’s doing the same thing only in much BIGGER proportions. Gary Barlow’s also rumoured to be avoiding tax overseas but he wrote that song for the Queen so it’s fine. An example of how little a backbone Cameron really has. He won’t stand on his own two feet and reprimand someone. Only if the tabloids do it first.

Ah well, I’m sure this won’t affect old Jimmy too much anyway. And while I think it’s a tad unfair to judge him and single him out in a country full of politicians and celebrities desperate enough to avoid giving their cash to the government I did join in laughing when Sean Lock gave him a bashing on “8 out of 10 Cats”.

And lastly, if ever there was someone you wanted in your hour of need it would not be this alcoholic racist. Yes, Jim Davidson, possibly just above Roy Chubby Brown and Hitler in terms of public hatred jumps in to save Jimmy Carr. Oh dear.


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