Jimmy Carr Meeting The Queen Got The Best Photoshop Treatment Ever

Jimmy Carr The Queen


So many perfectly timed snapshots and events get the Photoshop treatment these days because, let’s face it, them Photoshop trolls gotta do something with their time.

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One worry might be that this could get a little old hat, but then something like this comes along and reminds us that it’s actually funny as hell.

The most recent Photoshop subject is an image of Jimmy Carr and Peter Kay meeting the Queen. The image on its own is funny enough as Jimmy Carr is pulling a seriously intense face – sort of looks like he wants to kill her and fuck her all at the same time.

Anyway, it’s had a few amazing adaptations. Check ‘em out below:

Well done internet. For more of the same, check out this intern who fell asleep on the job and got PS trolled to the extreme.


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