Jim Carrey Deleted His Facebook Account Because Of Russian Spies

Jim Carrey

He’s encouraging everyone to do the same.

Jim Carrey may not have been in too many movies lately, but given the fact he was almost on trial for the death of his ex girlfriend and a bunch of weird interviews he’s been conducting about the nature of existence, he hasn’t exactly been out of the spotlight.

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The latest bizarre statement from Carrey concerns Facebook and the social media behemoth’s influence on the recent USA Presidential election, which he believes was influenced by Russian spies exploiting the platform. For that reason he says that he’s deleting his account and encouraging others to do the same.

Here’s the full message:

I mean that isn’t exactly clear what he’s actually talking about, but it seems to be that implying that Facebook took a load of money from Russians to lead targeted media campaigns encouraging people to vote for Trump.

I can certainly see that being feasible and a legit gripe, and it seems like more and more people are trying to remove themselves from Facebook’s vice like grip on them on 2018. Whether or not that will actually succeed in the fall of the biggest website in the world is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t be willingly to bet against Mark Zuckerberg, would you?

For more Jim Carrey, check him out being really weird at New York Fashion Week recently. Standard.


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