Jim Carrey Is Under Fire For Telling Journalist She’s The Only Thing On His Bucket List

He can’t tell a lie.

Jim Carrey is in the UK promoting his newest film ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, and amidst all the press he has to do, he hit an awkward moment with interviewer Charlotte Long from Heat World.

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I’ve cued it up to 1:36 around the moment it happens:

TBH seeing a couple headlines and Tweets about this before actually watching the video, I really thought it would have been a lot worse than that. In the context of the whole video it just seems like he’s trying to be funny? In fact the way I took it was that doing her interview was the last thing on his bucket list. Maybe I’m wrong though and he really was being inappropriate.

These people seem to think so:

I guess no one is safe from the social justice mob, even A-list Hollywood legends who hate Donald Trump. That’s the world we’ve created now though so we all have to live in it. Good on the interviewer for taking it all so well either way.

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