John F Kennedy Spotted Driving Around London Today, No One Knows WTF Is Going On


Conspiracy theorists – your time.

Here’s one for you conspiracy theorists out there. JFK was spotted by a load of people this morning being chauffeured around London, and there’s pictures to prove it.

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Okay, so he’s probably not actually alive and it’s more likely this is just a lookalike involved in a publicity stunt of some sort. Or maybe it’s some kind of weird cosplay fetish thing, which is completely fucked up if that’s the case. But hopefully it’s the former.

Pretty much everyone knows the infamous story of John F. Kennedy being assassinated on November 22nd 1963 as he was driven through Dealey Plaza, in Dallas Texas. He was beside his wife Jackie O at the time, sitting in the back of a cavalcade.

Well today a man looking remarkably similar to the late JFK, and a woman resembling his wife, both in near identical outfits to their predecessors, were being driven around London in a cavalcade – a car also almost the perfect copy of the one being used the day JFK was shot.


And although no-one could understand what was going on, they sure as hell weren’t going to keep quiet about it. Twitter pretty much went into meltdown with pictures of the bizarre scene:

Some have speculated that it all has something do with the US election (a hint Trump’s about to get assassinated, perhaps?) While others reckon it’s a publicity stunt to promote a new TV series based on a book by Stephen King entitled 11.22.63.

Pretty weird, right? Not as weird as that time someone auctioned off JFK’s threeway sex tape, though.


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