School Teacher Quits Job To Make Six Figures Twerking Full-Time On Vine

This girl makes more in 6 seconds than you do all month.

22-year-old Jessica Vanessa quit her job as a teaching assistant in Florida after realising she could earn a six-figure income simply by shaking her fat ass on Vine, after advertisers discovered her videos on the clip-sharing site.

Companies noticed Jessica was developing quite the fan base on her Vine account and are now paying her the big bucks to mention their products for her near 2 million Vine followers.

It’s definitely not because of her sense of humour, that’s for sure:

Cringe city. Am I just pissed that Jessica makes more in a 6 second Vine than I do in a month? Probably. But I don’t blame her one bit for choosing this career path over dealing with snotty-nosed brats all day.


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