Jesse Lingard Is Getting RIPPED For This Embarrassing Snapchat Holiday Footage

Grade A weapon.

26-year-old Manchester United star Jesse Lingard is acting like a teenager on his first lad’s holiday in this latest clip that’s bound to wind up the manager and bosses at his club.

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It’s even more cringey considering he didn’t exactly have the greatest of seasons with United this year.

Watch below:

Here’s the reaction on social media:

Can you imagine what Alex Ferguson would have done if one of his players behaved that way while he was manager? Lingard would be getting the famous Fergie hairdryer treatment x 1000. You know Solsksjaer is gonna be pissed at him too. 

Obviously Lingard is entitled to have fun on holiday and it actually looks like him and his boys had an awesome night. But come on dude, have some self-awareness and respect for the club and people you represent.

Here’s another dumb video he posted the other day – someone confiscate this guy’s phone, please.

For more unbearably cringe Jesse Lingard videos, here’s the time he tried to teach his teammates how to dab. Yikes.


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