Transsexual Cuts Off Her Own Legs With A Circular Saw Because She Doesn’t Like Them


Probably the weirdest thing we’ve ever posted on Sick Chirpse.

Okay hands down this is probably the most fucked up/weirdest thing we’ve ever posted on Sick Chirpse.

To begin with, it’s taken from The Jerry Springer Show, so you already know it’s going to be completely outrageous. The clip begins with Jerry Springer standing amongst his audience about to introduce his next guest, as he  usually does, but before this even Jerry himself says that this is probably the most bizarre thing they’ve ever broadcast during the whole fifteen years that the Jerry Springer show’s been going.

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The story’s about a transsexual who decided (at age 14) that she didn’t want her legs anymore. Didn’t want her legs anymore? How can someone just not want their legs? That doesn’t happen. A few years ago he/she decided enough was enough, and took a circular saw and went ahead and chopped them off anyway. Um, okay. Is this real? Is anything real on Jerry Springer? I’ve never figured that one out. Check it out and let us know if you’ve seen anything weirder today, we somehow doubt it.

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