Jermain Defoe Just Posted The Most Ridiculous Advert For A 24/7 Personal Assistant Ever

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I suppose being a Premier League footballer means that you literally can’t do anything else in your life.

It must be really tough being a Premier League footballer – training a couple of hours a day and then playing a big game at the weekend, it sounds like a really hard life you know – but I never thought it would lead to someone hiring a 24/7 personal assistant because they literally couldn’t do ANYTHING except be a footballer.

Today Jermain Defoe has become that person though with this ridiculous job advert for a personal assistant that is required 24/7 and will literally do everything in Jermain Defoe’s life for him. This includes – but is not limited to – building him an iPhone app, managing the Jermain Defoe brand image, developing a clothing line for him, developing his own aftershave, making sure the fridge is fully stocked when he returns from holiday and planning events to help celebrate black history month. In short, you are literally doing EVERYTHING in his life whilst he just kicks a ball around or lies around on the couch when he’s not doing that I suppose.

It’s absolutely ridiculous, although he is paying you a fairly healthy £50 – 60K a year, but even with that kind of money I think his list of requests are pretty outrageous. The absolute kicker though is that you have to be on call 24/7 for him in case of an emergency, so even though he’s pretty much running your life for you with his substantial list of activities, when you do get some time off you have to also be available for him at the press of a button, otherwise you’ll probably get fired. Absolutely beyond entitlement.

You can read the whole job advertisement below this picture of Jermain Defoe looking like a dickhead. If you fancy applying for it make sure you read these 20 tips to making sure your job interview is memorable before heading into it.

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