Jeremy Vine Accused Of ‘Race-Baiting’ After Noting All Prince Philip Funeral Attendees Will Be White

Oh dear.

It seems like we can’t talk about anything these days without viewing it through the lens of racism, and sure enough Jeremy Vine frustrated viewers this week by posing a bizarre question around the funeral of Prince Philip this weekend.

Vine asked guest Shay Grewal whether she thought it was a problem that all 30 attendees at Prince Philip’s funeral would probably be white:

Well at least Shay Grewal gave the reasonable and obvious response there, but it’s just mind-boggling why Vine asked that question in the first place. Does he think we need diversity quotas at funerals? Is he just trying to shit-stir? Probably the latter IMO and as you might expect, it worked:

In fairness, he wasn’t saying it was a problem, just (weirdly) asking his POC guest if she thought it was a problem. Clearly rubbed everyone up the wrong way though, even if he thought he was asking a hard-hitting question that anyone would take seriously. As I said though – I think it was an intentional wind-up on some level. I mean it has to be… right?!

To watch a white BLM protester say the N-word in public and then try to explain why it’s OK for him to say it, click HERE. Oh dear…


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