Jeremy Renner’s Ex Wife Is Saying He Regularly Got Coked Up And Tried To Kill Her

Oh Jeremy.

Jeremy Renner in in possession of one of those faces that makes him look like he could be the best guy in the world or the biggest asshole in the world and it’s increasingly looking like it’s the latter ashis divorce from Canadian model Sonni Pacheco rumbles on.

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The pair were married in 2014 but divorced less than a year later, citing irreconcilable differences and have been involved in a custody battle over their 6 year old daughter Ava ever since. Sonni is now alleging that Jeremy tried to kill her and himself whilst the pair were married and also that he’s a regular cocaine user who was constantly under the influence when he’s had custody of Ava.

Shots fired hey? Here’s the full rundown of her accusations courtesy of TMZ:

Sonni claims last November Jeremy was at a club, high on coke and booze, when he began talking about killing Sonni, telling someone he “could not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her gone.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jeremy put a gun in his mouth, threatened to kill himself, and fired the gun into the ceiling while Ava was asleep in her bedroom.

Sonni claims Jeremy has a history of substance abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. The docs claim Jeremy repeatedly has been under the influence when he had physical custody of Ava. According to the docs, Jeremy once left coke on a bathroom counter which was reachable by Ava.

Sonni alleges in one instance, the nanny overheard Jeremy say he was going to Sonni’s house to kill her and then kill himself, because “it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Sonni] as a mother.”

The docs claim Ava told Sonni various women would come and go from Jeremy’s house, including “Tayler, Kelley, Natalie, Summer, Faith, Christina, Naz and Jessica.

I mean those are some pretty heavy claims for her to be making if she can’t prove them hey? Renner does seem like kind of an asshole/jerk from some of his interviews, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a violent coke head slut like Sonni is implying here. Not looking too good for him though.

On his side, Renner has hit back saying that Sonni has psychological problems and wants his money as she’s annoyed that their relationship iddn’t work out. He’s claiming he doesn’t abuse drugs or alcohol and has the drugs tests to prove it. I guess they both cant’ be right so we’ll see how this works out. One thing’s for sure – it’s gonna be messy.

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