Jeremy Piven Is Teasing An Ari Gold Spin-Off & We Now Need This To Happen

Make it happen.

I don’t know if a show like ‘Entourage’ could survive in the modern day SJW/cancel culture climate of Hollywood, but it looks as though we could potentially be getting a spin-off based around one of the funniest characters on the show – Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold.

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Here’s actor Jeremy Piven’s response to a fan on Twitter who requested it this week:

Looks like Ari Gold himself is up for it, so what’s stopping them? Well maybe the various sexual harassment allegations against Jeremy Piven since the show aired or, as mentioned at the top of this blog, the fact no one’s really sure how a show like Entourage would be received in today’s tissue soft climate. But I think I speak for everyone who watched the original series when I say a TV show based around whatever Ari Gold decided to do next would be pure, um, gold. Not to mention how awesome it would be seeing cameo appearance from Vinnie Chase, Johnny Drama and the rest of the gang.

In the meantime, we’ll always have the memories. LLLOYYYYD!

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