A Man Whipped Out His Giant Testicle On Jeremy Kyle Today (NSFW)

Jeremy Kyle Emergency Room

Surely they shouldn’t be showing this in the middle of the day?

The Jeremy Kyle show is always pretty base, but apparently Jezza’s got a new show that’s been going on for a bit called Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room. In it, people discuss conditions they’re suffering from with him because they’re too embarrassed to go and see their GP about it, because obviously it makes more sense to tell everyone in the world about it via television than one other person in a small room.

In today’s episode they really pushed the boat out by featuring a guy called Dennis who had a gigantic left testicle. And believe me when I say it was gigantic – it’s absolutely fucking huge.

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The reaction:



Oof. Definitely wouldn’t want to be carrying that around with me, no way. Dennis said he first went to the doctor to try and sort it out, but was just given antibiotics which didn’t do anything to help him. As such, he’s now decided to live with it for several years instead of going back to another doctor. This was because it wasn’t actually painful, just really annoying.

For some reason Dennis finally cracked and decided to go on Jeremy Kyle to try and sort it out. As you do. The doctors on the show determined that it wasn’t cancerous or anything to be that worried about, but was in fact a hydrocele, which is a painless build up of watery fluid in the testicle.

They were able to drain it and Dennis was sent on his merry way. Another problem successfully solved by Jeremy Kyle – maybe he could help out this piglet that was born with testicles instead of eyes? Now that’s unfortunate.


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