Watch Jeremy Kyle Run Off Stage When Guest Says She Has The Hots For Him

Jeremy Kyle guest Fancies Jeremy Kyle

He refused to come back and made Security Steve host the show instead.

Jeremy Kyle has had to face all kinds of problems on his show over the years, but I don’t think he’s ever come across a guest that has admitted that she has the hots for him live on stage.

Judging by his reaction to this woman, it doesn’t seem like he was prepared in the slightest for it either because as soon as she says that she fancies him he runs across the stage and starts hiding from her because he’s so terrified, even refusing to read the DNA results and getting Security Steve to do it instead. To be honest though I can’t really blame him in this case, the woman shouting at him is pretty terrifying and rude throughout the segment, and that’s even before she opens her mouth and has one grimy tooth right in the middle of her mouth. Haunting.

The main parts of this where he’s running off and getting Steve to do the DNA results are in the last two videos, but the first one is well worth a watch to get the context on why he’s so shit scared of her when she announces that she fancies him. She really isn’t doing herself any favours:

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Oof. It’s kinda pathetic how she’s trying to flirt with him during the DNA results and he just ignores her. I suppose she’s probably used to it though.

Still, Jeremy Kyle could perhaps do a lot worse after he was recently divorced and is probably looking to get some. No, wait, he probably couldn’t do worse so fair play for running a mile Jez.


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