A Jeremy Kyle Guest Admitted To Using A Toffee Crisp Wrapper As A Condom In Most Entertaining Episode Ever


That’s not even the best part of it.

We’re used to seeing the absolute dregs of society on The Jeremy Kyle Show but sometimes it really does pull something out of the bag that you never see coming. Today was one of those days.

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The episode was entitled ‘my ex is accusing me of assault even though she enjoys rough sex’ which isn’t exactly a humdinger of a title but it escalates in ways that you couldn’t possibly see coming. The main protagonist Steve is a complete and utter idiot who blames everything he does on being stoned and comes out with some completely sick/stupid one liners about his ex Joanne who he frequently refers to as ‘Shamu the whale’ yet can’t seem to stop having sex with.

I’ve probably already said too much because it’s definitely worth going into this not knowing where it’s going because it’ll only make you enjoy it more:

Wow. Favourite part was definitely when he got busted texting her mate when they were going out saying he wanted to play with her boobies. Absolutely busted there pal – also does that ever actually work?

Having said that there are a lot of honourable mentions in this segment though – discussions of rough sex and telling each other that they were rubbish in bed in the classic school ground diss were particular favourites. Also gotta give a shout out to her weird looking heroin addict mate in the backroom – loved his contribution.

Kinda gutted that they haven’t stuck up the finale of the episode yet because I really want to see how this gets resolved, although I’m not really too sure why they’re on the show in the first place? It just seems like they’re having a bad break up and Mark just came on the show so he could shout at her and diss her in front of the whole world because she hadn’t actually done anything wrong except break up with him from what I could tell?

Whatever happened though, it definitely seems like Mark has some anger management issues that he should probably look into getting resolved ASAP. Guy really does need to calm down and figure out just what the hell it is he’s looking for and doing in the first place.

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