Jeremy Kyle Is In A Full On Jeremy Kyle Situation With His Former Nanny

Jeremy Kyle and his wife are spotted enjoying a boatride while on holiday in Barbados

At least he’s got easy access to a lie detector test.

Jeremy Kyle is well known for the absolute bottom feeders that he brings onto his show almost every single day, but it turns out that his own life might more closely resemble that of some of his guests than you might think.

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Following on from the divorce of his second wife Carla last year, it’s been revealed that Kyle has been shacking up with the former nanny of his children for the past couple of months. You can see 35-year-old Vicky Burton on holiday with the whole family in Barbados a couple of years ago in the picture above – indeed she only stopped working for the Kyles around nine months ago.

A source said the following about the new relationship:

Jeremy Kyle

It’s early days but he’s happy.

The relationship is just starting out so who knows what the future will hold?

Vicky is much loved by all the family. Jeremy’s children have been at the forefront of his mind. He has dealt with his new romance very sensitively.

His children have been made aware. He has also told Carla. There’s no animosity. He’s been single for a long time and deserves a bit of happiness.

Who knows indeed what the future will hold, although the relationship has been going on for a while even if they were only ‘just friends’ until a couple of months ago. Not really sure if I believe that to be honest, but I suppose if we ever doubt it then Kyle can get access to a lie detector pretty sharpish.

If you’ve never heard the full story of how he ended up divorcing his wife, then click here. It’s got Jeremy Kyle written all over it.


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