Jeremy Kyle Is Back On Prime Time TV Tonight



Jeremy Kyle hasn’t been seen on TV since ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ was unceremoniously cancelled back in 2019 following the suicide of one of its guests Steven Dymond, but he will be returning tonight in ‘Jeremy Kyle Live’ on GB News at 7pm

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Kyle has been spending the last year appearing on TalkRadio, but after filling in for Piers Morgan on his show over the summer has been itching to get back to live television. Here’s what he had to say about the new show:

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I’ll be putting plenty of uncomfortable questions to those in power and giving our audience the chance to do exactly the same too.

So, expect feisty debates each night but also some practical help too as we all navigate our way through this cost-of-living crisis.

In my opinion, broadcasters spend many hours a day telling people the news.

We want to ask our audience what they think and find out how the real stories are impacting real people.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss what my show has to say

So we need to make it entertaining, interesting and tune-in-able enough.

But we also hope to ask the questions that really matter to people and to offer a little bit of practical advice, as well as making people smile.

To bring the best of what we’ve been doing on the radio and do it full scale on live primetime TV, in the amazing new studios they’ve created for me and Piers – it really does feel like we’re building something big.

Yeah it probably does feel like that to the guy, but the fact of the matter is that hardly anyone even bothers to tune into GB News, so in reality they’re just broadcasting to barely anyone. And that’s definitely a good thing because the channel is absolute tripe.

Just like Piers Morgan, I hope that nobody tunes into Kyle’s new show either. Couple of old has beens/never weres.

For more of the same, check out this audience member speaking about the episode with Steven Dymond. Harrowing stuff.



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