An Audience Member Has Spoken About The Jeremy Kyle Show With Steven Dymond

‘They were just completely and utterly devastated.’

The Jeremy Kyle Show was finally axed by ITV today following the death of Steven Dymond after his appearance on it. RIP.

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The episode that he appeared in is probably never going to be seen by anyone, but it will live in infamy for the rest of history for obvious reasons. 23 year old student Babette Lucas-Marriott was in the audience for the episode and has decided to share her experience.

Here’s a video of Babette talking about the episode with the BBC or you can read what she had to say about it below:

He was so convinced he would pass this test and that everything would be fine.

He [Kyle] asked the audience ‘Who thinks he is going to pass [the test]’ and 99 per cent of the audience put their hands up, including myself.

And then he said he’d failed and you just saw him [Mr Dymond] collapse to the ground.

He just could not believe what he had heard. He was begging his fiancee for forgiveness.

They were both sobbing; they were just completely and utterly devastated and it was clear that he had just lost his entire life with his fiancee.

The mood in the audience immediately changes . Everybody was uncomfortable and no one wanted to be there.

Not sure how I feel about that. I mean obviously it’s really heartbreaking to hear about Dymond’s experience and how it drove him to suicide, but I dunno if I really believe this girl who willingly went on The Jeremy Kyle Show about how uncomfortable it was. I mean surely if you’re the kind of person who goes and sits in the audience at The Jeremy Kyle Show then this is exactly the kind of real life misery that you expect to be seeing and you’re gonna be lapping it up with pleasure.

Maybe it was actually that bad though. Would have been interesting to see how Babette described it before all this came out though, that’s all I’m saying.

For more of the same, here’s Danny Dyer ripping into Jeremy Kyle years ago. What a hero.


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