Jeremy Corbyn’s Son Says His Father Got A Bigger Crowd Than Rihanna At Glastonbury; She’s Never Played The Festival

Oh dear.

It’s not even midday on Monday and some minor celebrity has already put their foot in it and is getting completely rinsed on Twitter for screwing up what they were trying to say and this week it’s the turn of Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy.

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Corbyn hasn’t had the best of times recently after being suspended from the Labour party due to the antisemitism that went down during his time as their leader and I doubt this faux pas from his son is going to help him convince everyone that he isn’t racist, as Tommy seemingly mixed up Rihanna and Beyonce when posting the following tweet:

Yeah, you see the thing is that Rihanna has never even played Glastonbury so it’s no way that he’s talking about her and is more than likely talking about Beyonce, who headlined a legendary set there a few years earlier. You can see where this is going can’t you?

Of course, you could argue that this security guard did say this and got it wrong, but Tommy probably should have checked the claim out and seen if it was correct before posting about it on the internet. At worst he looks like a racist who can’t differentiate female POCs from each other, and at best he just looks like an idiot who can’t fact check what some random security guard said to him and then goes on to talk about it for the next four years without anyone  seemingly questioning him about its validity.

Needless to say Twitter was all over him like a sore rash. Here are some of the ‘best’ responses:

Yep, it’s not really a good look for Tommy there and it’s gonna reflect badly one is father, who is already in the doghouse with most of the country. Not even really sure why Tommy (or Rachel Swinson w/e) chose to even bring this up today as it’s not like it’s an anniversary or anything so that makes the whole situation even more unnecessary and stupid. Good work all.

For more of the same, check out when Tommy was photographed smoking a fat spliff at a cafe in London last year. That didn’t help much either I imagine.


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