Jeremy Corbyn Just Got Pranked By A Caller Pretending To Be Stormzy (AUDIO)


Jeremy Corbyn’s team has hit out at prankster Heydon Prowse after he pranked the Labour leader by posing as grime star Stormzy over the phone.

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Heydon got through to Corbyn and pretended he wanted to feature him in a ‘Shut Up’ remix music video.

Listen below:


A spokeswoman for the Labour leader said it was “unfortunate” that an artist with a good record on fighting poverty had been impersonated. Not sure if it’s really that “unfortunate”‘; it was fairly amusing and an obvious troll job so no real harm done right?

She also confirmed that Corbyn had realised it was a joke before the call ended:

Jeremy quickly realised this was a wind-up and ended the call.

Jeremy is grateful for Stormzy’s support and for the way he has spoken out on mental health, racism, poverty and homelessness.


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Earlier today it was revealed that Jeremy Corbyn plans to ‘scrap tuition fees once and for all’ if he is elected in June. Is this a realistic proposition though?


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