Labour Will ‘Scrap Tuition Fees Once And For All’ If Party Wins Election

A bold promise.

It would appear the Tories are headed for a landslide victory at the General Election in June, but that doesn’t mean Labour don’t have a few more aces up their sleeves.

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Senior figures have already hinted that a Labour government would scrap or significantly reform tuition fees, with Jeremy Corbyn revealing he is carrying “some stuff in my pocket” regarding university tuition costs

This week, a video of Shadow Chancellor John McDononnell sees him actually promising to scrap the fees at an event two weeks ago.

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McDonnell says:

It’s not a commodity to be bought and sold. So we want to introduce – just as the Atlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a national education service.

Free at the point of need throughout life. It means scrapping tuition fees once and for all so we don’t burden our kids with debt for the future.

Asked about the party’s plans for tuition fees, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said she “didn’t want to give too much of the manifesto away” while Labour focus on plans to spend billions boosting schools and further education, funded by raising taxes for big companies.

She also said to ”watch this space” when asked about it on BBC Radio 4 the other day.

Obviously this would be incredible if true, but that’s just the issue – will Labour and Jeremy Corbyn be able to deliver on ideals like this? Or are they just promising the world because they know they have a very slim chance of getting into power in the first place?

Basing their plans on taxing the rich/big businesses is a risky move, as these people employ the best lawyers and accountants in the world precisely to avoid paying a large amount of tax. Close one loophole, they will find another. The worry is then that the common man (you and me) will be the ones forced to pay extra tax and VAT in order to bring at least some of Labour’s plans into fruition.

The alternative is Theresa May and the Tory party. So perhaps we’re screwed either way.


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