Jeremy Corbyn Just Ran Over A BBC Cameraman (VIDEO)

Not a great look.

Jeremy Corbyn’s car has run over a BBC cameraman on its way to the party’s manifesto launch.

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Footage shows cameraman Giles Wooltorton howl in agony as the Labour leader’s car drives over his foot:

Before being taken to hospital, Giles rued his injures by the side of the road:


Look at the poor bloke’s foot:

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For some reason they stuck him in a neck brace on his way to hospital. Get that compo money son!

Corbyn’s face when he clocks what happened:

Never mind the fact he nearly killed a man though, Corbyn plans to scrap tuition fees should he be elected in June. Don’t even worry about the fact this plan is based on the hopes that the mega rich will pay their fair share of tax with him in power (spoiler: they won’t).

The manifesto also revealed that Labour want to re-nationalise the railways and post office, spend an extra £8billion on social care, and ban zero hours contracts.

Maybe they can send Diane Abbot down to the hospital to go over Giles’s medical bills.


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