Jeremy Corbyn Is Set To Perform At This Year’s Glastonbury


No brainer.

There’s probably no bigger gathering of people that would predominantly describe themselves as vaguely ‘liberal’ than Glastonbury festival, so it’s pretty much a no brainer that Jeremy Corbyn is going to appear there next weekend. It was just a question of where and when.

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Michael Eavis has today confirmed that Corbyn will introduce none other than Run The Jewels. The rap duo had given him a shout out at Field Day a couple of weeks ago, so no doubt he was really eager to check them out, hence the slot.

Here’s what Eavis had to say:

We’re Corbyn fans, that’s the thing.

He’s got something new and precious, and people are excited about it.

He really is the hero of the hour.

He’ll also appear alongside Labour MP Clive Lewis who will be doing a talk on the Leftfield Stage entitled Recharge Your Activism.

I’ve got to back him on his nuclear disarmament policy. He really believes in it, like I do.

The UK’s nuclear weapons cost an absolute fortune, and make us a target. Why? For four boats? It’s ridiculous; it’s so absurd.

Corbyn is on the same page with me on that one. He’s going to fight it out, I think.

Great. There’s currently a petition going around trying to get him to do a talk at Glastonbury too, but who knows if that will come to anything. Just go and see him introduce Run The Jewels or talking with Clive Lewis if you’re interested, or better yet just enjoy Glastonbury for what it is and go to one of his rallies when you get back.

For more Jeremy Corbyn, check out this video of him celebrating the election result with the most awkward high five ever. Not so good.


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