Jeremy Corbyn Blasted By Twitter Warriors For ‘Distasteful’ 9/11 Tweet

Was it really that distasteful?

Like many others, Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 on Twitter yesterday to mark the 15th anniversary of the terror attack.

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Just your standard ‘thoughts and prayers’ Tweet right?

Well unfortunately the second half of his Tweet rubbed a bunch of people up the wrong way, and they were sure to let him know it.

Apparently his reference to the ‘wars’ and ‘terror’ that followed 9/11 didn’t warrant a mention:

I don’t see anything wrong with Corbyn shouting out the victims of the 9/11 aftermath, even if it can be construed as a bit of an anti-western diss. After all more innocent people died AFTER 9/11 than on it but still essentially as a result of 9/11. Just a horrible day on so many levels with so many far-reaching consequences around the world, which we’ll probably be dealing with forever.

Either way, he might want to take notes from Lindsay Lohan next time (not).


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