Jeremy Clarkson Is Here To Remind Us That A Level Results Aren’t Everything


He’s right you know.

I’ve been reliably informed that it’s A level results day for a large section of the population today and for many people receiving their grades it might feel like the biggest day of their life, regardless of their results.

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There are always going to be a bunch of people out there who are disappointed in their results and feel like their lives are completely screwed up as a consequence of this, but it’s important to know that this simply isn’t the case and things are more than likely to walk themselves out. Jeremy Clarkson of all people has succinctly put this into perspective:

I mean he’s completely right you know, even if he does so many variations on the same humble brag every year that is bordering on tiresome these days.

A level results might mean the world to you right now and determine the immediate course of your life regarding your university placement, but ultimately that doesn’t have that much of a bearing on his successful or happy you’re going to be in thirty years time or whatever. Sure, it might have an impact but it’s not the be all and end all – remember that, however you’re feeling right now.

If you need an example to illustrate this other then Clarkson, I managed to get straight As in my A levels way back when and look what I’m doing right now. Exactly.

If you’re still feeling down in the dumps after that inspirational pep talk, then go get yourself a free Nando’s. Today only for people picking up their A levels.


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