Jeremy Clarkson Once Peed In A Trophy Hunter’s Shoes As Payback For Killing Animals

Classic Clarkson.

Don’t think I’m really a fan of Jeremy Clarkson – he comes across as a self important pompous asshole and his self congratulating ‘doing shit in my A levels tweet but look how I turned out’ every year is beyond grating – but this is quite a cool story about him pissing in a trophy hunter’s shoes as a payback for him killing animals.

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Clarkson was writing in his column for The Sunday Times when he decided to relate the story about when he was on holiday in Canada and found himself in the company of a dentist who actively bragged about killing a polar bear. Here’s what he had to say about how he chose to teach him a lesson:

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There are a great many dentists in America – and they’re always dentists, for some reason – who like to shoot lions. Or elephants. Or rhinos.

I met one once, in the frozen wilderness at the top of Canada. He was big in the tooth-whitening business and had taken a ‘coupla fun weeks off’ to blow a polar bear away.

I hated him on a cellular level and must confess that one night, when he was asleep, I p***ed in his shoes.

Don’t hold back hey Jeremy? Maybe that is a bit juvenile and characteristic of a man that punches his producer when he can’t get a steak, but I suppose that’s Jeremy Clarkson for you isn’t it? Kinda a shame he doesn’t tell us if the guy ended up putting his feet in the shoes or whatever, but that’s just the way he tells his stories isn’t it? Classic Clarkson.

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