Jeremy Clarkson Backs Will Smith Hitting Chris Rock; Once Hit Piers Morgan Himself

It’s kind of crazy that nobody has asked Jeremy Clarkson what he thinks about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last week after Clarkson family hit a producer for getting him the wrong steak or something and got fired from ‘Top Gear’ for it, so obviously he would be the perfect person to fire out his opinion here.

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Unsurprisingly, Clarkson completely backed Will Smith’s actions and recalled a time where he slapped Piers Morgan in a similar incident. He was writing in his Sunday Times column when he said the following:

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When you boil the incident down to its nub, a man abused another man’s wife and got a slap.

At the 2004 British Press Awards I ran into Piers Morgan, who said something unkind about my wife.

So, even though I was calm and sober, having just come from a recording of Call My Bluff, I hit him.

Lol of course he did. Clarkson has said that it was a ‘girlie slap’ in the past, but Morgan says that he was punched three times in the head. Apparently Clarskon was left with a broken finger after the altercation and Morgan was left with a permanent scar on his head, so it sounds a bit more than a ‘girlie slap’ but I guess Clarkson has a different definition of that to me and you. Tough guy.

Anyway, it’s not really that surprising that Clarkson is backing Will Smith here and I imagine that Smith will probably face the same consequences for his actions as Clarkson did i.e. none and probably get rewarded with an even bigger movie. That’s show business baby.

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