Jennifer Lawrence Ran Through The Streets Of Boston In Her Pyjamas To Celebrate Joe Biden’s Win

Unbridled joy.

It’s fair to say that a sizeable part of the population of the United States was overjoyed on Saturday afternoon when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Presidential race over incumbent Donald Trump – and it seems like Jennifer Lawrence was one of these people.

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The Hollywood star made no qualms about her happiness, sharing a video of herself running around the streets in her pyjamas celebrating in Boston, where she’s currently filming a new movie titled ‘Don’t Look Up’. She also blasted out ‘This Is America’ by Childish Gambino on her speaker whilst she ran around dancing her ass off:

OK that is a little silly and it’s kinda crazy that she couldn’t put any clothes on for it – it was called at around 11:30 am in Boston right? – but it is great to see the unbridled joy that people over there were feeling surrounding the election result. Can only hope that one day we can experience something similar over here.

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