Jennifer Lawrence Annihilates Foreign Reporter For Reading Interview Questions Off His Phone

Jennifer Lawrence has no time for dumb foreign questions.

Jennifer Lawrence was in an uncharacteristically shitty mood at the Golden Globes last night, and took it out on a foreign reporter in the middle of a press conference that followed the show.

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Lawrence was accused of being ‘rude’ following this outburst to E!’s Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo in which she insisted he stop using his phone while interviewing her:

R.I.P. Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo. Getting to interview Jennifer Lawrence was probably the highlight of his career. The only reason he wrote the question into his phone in the first place was probably to make sure he didn’t fuck it up (English not being his first language), and Jennifer completely rinsed him for it.

I know Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘thing’ is being a quirky, clumsy lady who falls over a lot but at the same time is super witty and strong and not to be fucked with, but come on, give the guy a break. She basically tore this guy’s heart out and fed it to him in front of the world, and all because he wanted to make sure his English was on-point.

P.S. Pretty sure he wasn’t trying to say they were at the Oscars – was probably about to ask where she sees herself at the Oscars. Come on Lawrence, give the guy a chance!

P.P.S. Almost as bad as when Vladimir Putin accidentally made fun of a multiple stroke survivor who was interviewing him.


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