Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Report Revealed Several Broken Bones In His Neck

The breakages are conducive with strangulation.

Everyone is convinced that Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide is some kind of massive conspiracy, whether the Clinton family or whoever had him murdered or he’s been flown off to Saudi Arabia to have plastic surgery so that he’s unrecognisable, and unsurprisingly his autopsy report isn’t going to shed any more light on what actually happened.

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The fact that he had several broken bones in his neck probably makes you think that somebody bust into his cell and snapped his neck, but apparently this isn’t the case; those familiar with the autopsy have apparently said that the bones that were broken – including the hyoid bone near the Adam’s Apple – are conducive with the victim dying from either hanging OR a broken neck. Crucially, experts say they’re more common in a broken neck but the fact it’s not 100% certain will mean that the mystery surrounding his death will probably live on forever.

Here’s Jonathan L. Arden’s – president of the National Association of Medical Examiners – take on it:

If, hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging.

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Cheers for that Arden, but that isn’t really that useful is it and seems to only add more ambiguity to his death, although I suppose they’re at least telling the truth on some level? Maybe? Or maybe it’s all just set up to create as much of a smokescreen around it as possible so everyone is questioning it and nobody will ever really know what happened with it?

I feel like it’s probably this option and even though there’s an ‘investigation’ going on into just what happened at the weekend, I don’t think we’ll ever get any definitive answers or closure. There are already so many questions like why didn’t anyone check on him for three hours? Why were the guards watching him on overtime and not specifically trained to be on suicide watch? Why was his cellmate transferred the night before his apparent suicide?

So many questions that it seems almost like they were inviting a massive conspiracy to be drawn up surrounding Esptein’s death. Thanks for giving us something to talk about I guess.

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