43-Year-Old Jeff Hardy Almost Killed Himself Doing A Swanton Bomb On RAW Last Night

This guy is determined to die inside a wrestling ring.

Despite being in his forties and having cemented his status as a pro wrestling legend a long time ago, Jeff Hardy is still out there in the ring doing mental shit like Swanton Bombing off the top rope through tables set up outside the ring.

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Last night, during a ‘Symphony of Destruction’ match (no idea) against Elias, he Swanton Bombed his opponent through a table, but ended up cracking his skull on the ringside steps in the process:

Ouch! Are The Hardy Boyz  trying to see who can die first inside a wrestling ring first or what? I mean that looked absolutely brutal:

The good news is that Jeff Hardy was available for comment afterwards… and he’s totally OK (via Sportskeeda):

Wow, my first ever Symphony of Destruction. First time ever but I hope that’s the last one I ever have. That Swanton was no joke at the end, you know. I went straight up in the air, crashed straight down. I’m okay, though, it looked a lot worse than it actually felt.

Well that’s good to know, except I’m sure it’s not the last time he tries to end his life/career inside a wrestling ring. It’s just mental to think that he’s still pulling off these high-risk maneuvers 20+ years after he first started doing them alongside the Dudleyz and Edge & Christian and all those other nut jobs that made up the Attitude Era. And he’s doing it all in an empty arena (essentially)!

In any case, big respect to Jeff Hardy. Not going to take anything away from a guy doing what he loves and risking his life when he doesn’t have to anymore. Maybe try leave a bit more space between the table and steel steps next time though.

For the last time Jeff Hardy nearly killed himself by Swanton Bombing off a massive crane onto his brother, click HERE.


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