Jedward Superfan Fulfils Her Fantasy By Having Sex With Two 14-Year-Old Boys

Kirstin MacRuary jedward

Erm, you’re not supposed to do that.

Self-confessed Jedward superfan, Kristin MacRuary, 39, has been jailed after having sex with two 14-year-old boys. I’m surprised the police didn’t already have a careful eye on her considering she had actually admitted to absolutely loving them two little pricks.

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Apparently she groomed the 14-year-old boys over social media before inviting them over to her home on two separate occasions in South Ayshire to get pissed up and watch movies. The first victim was invited upstairs where she showed him some contraception and proceeded to have sex with him. The second she told to go upstairs for a nap. After a short while she followed him upstairs and took all his clothes off before sleeping with him. Disturbing.

Kirstin MacRuary

Her behaviour before these incidents would suggest that she was someone to be worried about as she had previously posted pictures of the irritating pop-duo Jedward when they were just 12-years-old, saying that they looked “hot.” She also stated in a Facebook status that she needed, “Jedcest.” I would say that’s enough to throw her in a mental institute as it is.

MacRuary has now been sentenced to two years in prison and ten years on the Sex Offenders’ Register. Her defence solicitor Ian Gillies asked for leniency, saying that she would benefit from a Community Payback Order as she, “clearly needs support and supervision.”

However, Sheriff John Montgomery criticised MacRuary and said:

You pleaded guilty to two charges of having sexual intercourse with boys between the age of 13 and 16-years-old – both were 14 at the time.

I’ve read the social work report – it’s an astonishing report in many ways because you don’t express any remorse.

There is, in my view, no alternative to a custodial sentence.

I would pretty much agree with that. This woman might be mentally unstable, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she had sex with two underage boys. Two years in the slammer doesn’t even sound too long – imagine if it were the other way around and a man had had sex with two 14-year-old girls?

Seriously though, only a sick motherfucker would be into Jedward. Remember the time they got lost at sea? Let’s make that a reality again.


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