VIDEO: Jean Claude Van Damme Does The Splits Between Two Moving Lorries

Jean Claude Van Damme Splits Lorries

This is one of the most insane stunts I’ve ever seen, but it sure does prove that Volvo’s new steering system handles pretty well.

Remember in Timecop where Jean Claude Van Damme does jumps up and does the splits over a kitchen work area to avoid getting electrocuted by a puddle of water that’s slowly creeping towards him? Well, 20 years on at the age of 53 on he can do the splits even better than that in this new advert for Volvo Dynamic Steering which features one of the most insane stunts ever.

Basically, Jean Claude Van Damme does the splits in between two Volvo lorries as they’re travelling side by side down a road which is just completely and utterly mental. The advert is designed to promote Volvo’s new Dynamic Steering and it certainly does that because if the steering wasn’t completely perfect then I’m guessing JCVD would be dead.

Having said that though, I doubt anyone’s going to see this advert and rush out to buy a truck with Volvo’s Dynamic Steering, they’re all just going to think what a complete and utter badass JCVD is.

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