Jean Claude Van Damme Returns In A Trailer To The New ‘Kickboxer’ Movie

Jean Claude Van Damme

Kickboxer with a vengeance.

‘Kickboxer’ was arguably the movie that kickstarted Jean Claude Van Damme’s Hollywood career and so it’s only fitting that he’s returned for the reboot of the franchise.

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This time though, Van Damme isn’t playing the kickboxer of the movie’s title, and is instead taking on the role of the trainer of new kickboxer Alain Moussi. Our new main act decides to take up the sport after his brother is killed by an absolute monster of a man (Dave Bautista) in an illegal fight in Thailand. That’s probably why the movie is called ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’, because obviously there’s no better way to get revenge on someone for killing your brother than by fighting them in an MMA fight.

There’s also a few appearances in the trailer of real life MMA superstars like George St. Pierre and Cain Velasquez. Wow!

Yeah, OK that does look really stupid and trashy, but I suppose that’s the reason we’re all going to go see it and really enjoy it. I mean what are you expecting from a movie called ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’. Just head in and zone out for a couple of hours, job done.

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