‘Jaws In Concert’ Is Set To Debut In London This Year

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

‘Jaws’ is the most iconic shark film ever made, and its soundtrack (duh-dun) has been used time and time again to represent an approaching menace in movies and TV shows ever since its release back in 1975.

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Fortunately for fans who live in the UK, ‘Jaws in Concert’ is making its way to London’s Royal Albert Hall this year. For the 2017 Festival of Film event, the giant auditorium will play host to John Williams’ iconic soundtrack, performed in full by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Sounds epic.

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With the permission of director Steven Spielberg, he show will also include three pieces of music written by Williams for the original movie, but that were at the time not included in the final film.

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The festival, which will take place in October, will also include a Michael Giacchino 50th birthday celebration, a tribute to the late, great James Horner, and an orchestral screening of ‘The Addams Family’. Not a bad line up at all. If you’re interested in heading down to London for the event in order to see ‘Jaws’ in action, live orchestra and all, then you find out the dates/get tickets on the Royal Albert Hall website. Enjoy.

To get yourself in the mood, check out this video of a shark smashing its way through a person’s tank. Terrifying.


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