Jason Momoa Doxxes Evil Fishermen Over Horrifying Video Of Them Torturing A Shark (VIDEO)

Can’t wait till he gets his hands on them.

The other day two evil piece of shit fishermen from Iceland shared a video of themselves hacking off a defenceless shark’s tail and throwing it back into sea as they carried on laughing and taunting the shark.

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According to Icelandic media the fishermen are yelling things along the lines of “Good luck trying to swim now, you punk!”.

Well Jason Momoa AKA Aquaman AKA Khal Drogo got wind of the footage and he is seriously pissed off about it. He shared the video on his Instagram:

Imagine mutilating an animal like that, laughing about it and then posting the footage online like everyone is going to think you’re really cool for doing it. Potential serial killer behaviour. Fuck these two, seriously.

Anyway, Jason Momoa is itching to kick the shit out of both of them, and badass Josh Brolin wants to join him:

The way he goes from pure rage to almost being remorseful… it’s like he’s asking for forgiveness for what he’s planning to do to these two evil Icelandic shitheads.

Some people aren’t happy about Jason Momoa doxxing them though:

I don’t see what the big deal is. Someone should cut one foot off each of these plebs and have them run a marathon while the rest of us sit there and laugh every time they fall over – see how they like it.

I mean imagine pissing off this dude:

Just so heartbreaking to know that this shark is out there suffering (or dead). Hopefully these two will be tracked down properly and held accountable for their actions. Preferably by Aquaman himself – those are his oceans they’re messing with after all. 

To watch Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones audition tape, click HERE. Intense stuff.


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