Jason Derulo Shared A NSFW Picture Of His Enormous Penis On Instagram

That’s a whopper.

I don’t know if you needed to know this, but pop star Jason Derulo is packing some serious heat in his pants and he let the world see the evidence for themselves on Instagram this week.

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Derulo shared this photo of himself wearing the tiniest and tightest pair of black swimming trunks he could find and in the end not much was left to the imagination:

Yup, that’s a big time dick alright. I know a bunch of people reading this are gonna be like ‘WTF Sick Chirpse, I don’t want to look at a picture of another man’s dick’ and to those people I say, why did you click this blog? Because I guarantee you there’s going to be a whole bunch of dudes clicking this post just to see how they measure up against Jason Derulo. That’s just a fact.

The question is, if you had a dick the size of Jason Derulo’s, would you swing it all around social media for people to see? I guess when you’re famous and have a bunch of Instagram models and groupies following you then it’s your duty to show them all what you’re working with. Fair play, Jason Derulo. Fair play indeed.

Oppositely, here’s a man with a one inch penis opening up about living life with a micropenis. Wouldn’t want to get in a sword fight with Jason Derulo, that’s for sure.


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