Jason Derulo Claims He Was ‘Hacked’ After Tweeting Aggressively Horny Message To James Charles


It’s no secret that pop star Jason Derulo is a bit of a weirdo, but it was still pretty shocking to see some of the wild shit that was being sent out from his Twitter account last night.

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Here’s what he Tweeted beauty guru and YouTuber James Charles, from completely out of nowhere:

Oo-er! Obviously some cancellable, problematic language there by today’s standards, but is it still considered homophobic if he’s coming onto him?

James Charles was left pretty much speechless:

As the cynics waited patiently for the aftermath to follow, and the optimists imagined a blossoming love story between Jason Derulo and James Charles, the account began sending out some more bizarre Tweets:

It then became pretty obvious that Jason Derulo’s account had been hacked (by a group called The Chucking Squad it seems?) and so Jason Derulo wasn’t being horny for James Charles after all. Bummer?

As soon as Derulo had control of his account again, the messages were deleted.

So there you have it. Still probably gonna be a little bit awkward when Derulo and Charles run into each other, but at least we know Derulo hasn’t completely lost the plot. And it turns out Kanye West & Jeffree Star are still the most unlikely celebrity couple of 2021 (allegedly).


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